One Year Later and We Still Want To Get Married

Still Getting Married

Life is crazy. This post could be as simple as that, honestly. We are not the only couple dealing with COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and confusion, but that doesn’t make it any easier. However, this week we find happiness and excitement in the shear fact we have now been engaged for a year and we still want to get married.

As we said in our first wedding update post, the Soderberg-Bemis wedding is going on, no matter what! We will get married and after discussions with the venue, photographer, caterer, officiant, and florist, all is a go for August 8 and we couldn’t be more excited. Not how we pictured getting married, but it’s still gonna kick ass!

Along with planning our wedding around the COVID-19 restrictions, we have also been planning our honeymoon to Arizona. To give you a little tease, we plan to fly to Phoenix, pick-up a campervan and road trip around the beautiful State. However, we won’t spill all the beans as we are planning an upcoming podcast to discuss the trip more.

The trip to Arizona has been on our hearts for a long and we hope to still go. No idea what the State, flying and visiting restrictions will be. It will be postponed if we can’t adventure the way we’d planned and still properly follow guidelines.

During our time house-bound, we have found things to make life a little grander. This includes drawing more, binging television and movies, planning the wedding and honeymoon, as well as what life may look like for us over the next few years.

In the small amount of time we have found out of the house, we went camping, hiking and mini road-tripping. We stepped out bit this weekend and social distance camped with our friends Addie and Casey. It was amazing and we have missed them so freaking much!

Just an update from the two of us. We appreciate all the support, its been amazing. For more information about our wedding, location and more, you can visit our wedding site.