PODCAST: Along for the Ride with Addie & Casey

Addie and Casey

On this journey we call Married Into This, we wanted to talk to other couples and get their relationship experiences. Couldn’t think of a better couple to start with then our friends Addie and Casey.

Our two friends were the first remote podcast we recorded and although it wasn’t the perfect audio recording, we enjoyed it.

Addie talked about Casey’s being a car enthusiast and her going along for the ride, no pun intended. His love for cars and the related events that go along with them was something Addie had to learn to love, but it didn’t take much pushing.

The two now own a few cars of their own, projects and daily drivers, plus attend many events involving automobiles each year. It’s part of their life. Additionally, Addie and Casey have received their motorcycle licenses together.

During the podcast we also go into buying a house among other things. We chatted for just over an hour. Although the audio recording suffered a bit, being our first remote podcast, the conversation was too fun to delete. This only means we have to get them back on the podcast in the near future to chat again, with a better audio setup.

NOTE: The podcast was our first remote recording with a guest. We neglected a simple piece of equipment which made the audio of our guests suffer. Please give us a shot and take a listen. We understand it can be difficult at times. This has been fixed for future recordings.



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