Quarantine Silver Linings: Maine Mini Roadtrips

Maine Mini Roadtrips

We live in a different world currently than we did not too long ago.

Taylor and I are both working mostly from home. We are both doing what we can from a distance with a couple hour pop-in at each of our places of work to get things to work on or to just check in. This has given us a lot more time to spend in the each other’s company. While we are both working, we get to see each other during lunch breaks and passing each other in the hall.

It’s the silver linings I’ve been trying to focus on over the past few weeks. Like seeing each other during the day. However, the biggest one so far has been our little roadtrips around our beautiful state of Maine.

During our first quarantine weekend home we traveled to Camden, Maine to get curbside pick-up from Taylor’s favorite sandwich spot. The Camden Deli. We both ordered “The Surprise,” our favorite. We headed to the water, in my car, and watched the ocean while scarfing down our food. We traveled along Route 1 on the way down and took a little detour on the way back through Swanville, Monroe, Winterport and Hampden.

Now in our second weekend home alone, we opted to see what Bar Harbor looked like. It was the first time we had taken the trip to Mount Desert Island together. We drove down Route 1A heading towards the Island. We stopped quickly and admired the view from the Town Pier, practicing accept social distancing rules of course. We continued along Seal Harbor, Asticou, and back up through Town Hill before making our way back along Route 1.

Silver linings. That’s what Taylor and I are focusing on during this unique time we are living. For us, it’s time together (even if we are working) and short travels to see our amazing state. Find your silver linings.

We will see where this quarantine brings us next!