Maine Hikes: Peters Brook & Penny’s Nature Preserve Trails

Maine Hikes

The goal this summer is to go on as many Maine hikes we can fit into our busy schedule. Social distancing orders have given us the time to get a few in over the past few weeks. This includes, Peters Brook & Penny’s Nature Preserve Trail System.

Located roughly 37 miles from Bangor, Peters Brook in Blue Hill makes for a great day hike and be home for dinner!

The trail system is easy for any level hiker and gives you things to look at without having to hike miles to get to them. Most of the trails are wide and give room for a good number of hikers at the same time. This is good during the current world situation, allowing you to stay six-feet from other travelers.

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Peters Brook trail includes three wooden bridges, fun yet easy terrain and views of the waterfall from across the brook. On the other side of the brook, a short trek up to the waterfall allows you to get right up next to the roaring water. Penny’s Nature Preserve also include easy trails in addition to the historic granite quarries.

This has quickly become one of our favorite Maine hikes and would recommend to anyone. Definitely a hike for you to take during social distancing!


Peters Brook and its associated branches drain the uplands east of the Blue Hill village into Peter’s Cove. The Peters Brook Trailhead is located on the opposite side of the street and across the stream from the AB Herrick Memorial Landing. Penny’s Preserve trail head is about 1/4 mile down the road. The entire trail system has about 5 miles that takes you along and out to various points along Peters Brook. The trails include a beautiful waterfall and through historic granite quarries. Find out more from their website.