Our Honeymoon: An Amazing Adventure in Our Backyard

Sugarloaf Adventure

March 2020 changed a lot of things across our world. Luckily, we were able to have our wedding or at least a modified version of what our wedding was supposed to be like. One thing that change drastically was our Arizona honeymoon we had planned for a year. Instead we went on an amazing adventure in our own backyard, Sugarloaf Mountain.

What a surreal place the Sugarloaf area is during the summer months. The breathtaking views and peaceful sounds made us not want to go back to the hustle and bustle of our normal lives. This is an experience we will never forget. A trip of a lifetime and one we are so thankful we were able to do, even with the pandemic stopping us from our original plans.

Mainers, know there is beauty in your own backyard. Take advantage of living in this amazing State. Adventure and see this one of a kind place and know that we are lucky to live here.

Unlike our trip planned for Arizona, we did not write down everything we wanted to do, but more just went off the cuff. However, each day brought new memories. We hiked, swam, relaxed and ate delicious food.

Our experience was only made better by the our gracious friends, Abe and Heather Furth. Not only are they two of my bosses, but I consider them great friends. Abe and Heather lent us their Sugarloaf condo for the week and made it easier for us to be there for the entire week. Additionally, we are thankful two our friends Addie and Casey for coming to visit for the night.

Food was amazing with stops at The Rack, 45 North, Rolling Fatties, D’Ellies, and The Bag and Kettle. However, our favorite spot to eat in the Carrabassett Valley was Alice and Lulu’s at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain.

Alice and Lulu’s, co-owned by Laura and Ciana, is a small cozy spot on the backside of Sugarloaf Mountain Resort. Laura was an amazing host to the two of us and really cared about us when we were having dinner. Talked to us, recommended things and was just overall an amazing host. Ciana kicked butt with the food in the kitchen and made us want to come back. Anyone going to Sugarloaf MUST visit Alice and Lulu’s.

Leaving Carrabassett Valley on Sunday morning was difficult, not because we had to go back to work on Monday or because our vacation was ending. Leaving was hard because we won’t be back to what I considered one of the most beautiful parts of the State of Maine for a while. The Carrabassett Valley offers so much and if I could I wouldn’t have left. This experience was amazing and hope we can relive it again in the future.

When I drove away on Sunday, I had the feeling in my stomach similar to when I was leaving summer camp as a kid. The feeling you were leaving your friends behind and the place to have fallen in love with over the week.

Sugarloaf, we will be back for an adventure as soon as we can, if you’ll have us back.

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