Our Modified Honeymoon Update #3: Moose on the Loose


Wednesday we would’ve been lazily tubing down a river in Arizona at Salt River Tubing. Additionally, we would’ve visited a brewery and cidery for a nightcap before camping in Mesa. Our plan was to drive down to Tucson on Thursday, eating at a few amazing places and shopping. Thursday night would’ve been camping in Tombstone. However, one thing Arizona doesn’t have is moose.

Wednesday, August 19

On Wednesday we slept in a bit, relaxed and ate breakfast at the condo. After breakfast we got into the car and decided to drive towards the Canadian border, we are sick of this country. Haha. Just kidding. We thought it would be fun to look into Canada and take in the sights and sounds along the way.

Back at the condo we had a Maine staple, red hot dogs, for lunch and packed up our stuff to head back to the Carrabassett River for some relaxation and swimming. We stopped at one place to sit with our feet in the water and work on our next project together.

Next stop was our new favorite swimming place, just along Route 27 in Carrabassett Valley. We explored for a bit before jumping into the water. The temperature sure didn’t scream “GO SWIMMING,” but we are on vacation. After a little while swimming it began to rain, so we packed up and headed back to the condo.

We couldn’t come to Sugarloaf and not get barbecue at The Rack. Amazing outdoor seating with the view of the mountains and great atmosphere. We got a bbq platter with smoked chicken thighs and brisket, along with ALL their bbq sauces. Taylor ordered a Guava Bubbly and Justin of course ordered a OBC Gratitude Pale Ale.

After we filled our bellies, back on the hunt for moose along Route 16 between Eustis and Rangeley. No luck on the way out to Rangeley, but we hit gold on the return trip.We drove by a lot where a few cars were parked in random spots viewing out towards the wetlands, we thought that was odd, so we turned the Subaru around and were in luck! After we slowly and quietly walked up to the spot, two babies and the momma appeared. So beautiful, so massive.

Back to the condo for some games with the sunsetting and movies!

Thursday, August 20

Justin’s famous french toast for breakfast before heading out on another adventure. Thursday was supposed to bring two different waterfall locations, but we may have been on the beaten path for in search of one. Oh well.

We started off driving through Rangeley and ending in Phillips, Maine at Smalls Falls. This is definitely one of the best waterfall locations in Maine in our opinion and it’s super easy. The “trailhead” starts at the picnic area and you can see it from where you parked your car. The trail goes along the falls which has many different levels. On a warmer day, we likely would jumped in from the many different swimming locations. Absolutely stunning.

Our “detour” was on the way to Reeds Falls in Kingfield, Maine. We followed the GPS location from a website we have been finding out locations from and we ended up near Shiloh Pond, well off the beaten path. We laughed at how far down a dirt road we would travel for some good hiking and waterfalls.

On the way back to find the actual trailhead we gave up looking for the waterfall for the day and decided to go swimming at our favorite spot along Route 27. This is where we had our picnic lunch along the rocks and explored a bit more. We also decided to wear our honeymoon shirts made for Arizona anyway (see photo below).

Thursday’s dinner was at 45 North at the base of Sugarloaf Mountain. We arrived a few minutes early, which made me as an industry worker understand why people arrive early, but still it was weird! Haha. We had the chips and dip and lobster risotto, both incredible. Heidi was an amazing server, she told us about places to hike and swim. She was very kind and loved us spending our honeymoon at Sugarloaf. Justin had a few OBC Tubular IPA’s while Taylor had few house cocktails, including a special from our server.

With dinner on the mountain and longer driving day today, we opted to not go out looking for moose. Instead we curled up and played board games with the view of the sunset from the condo. Dame we are happy.



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