Brewed to Celebrate Our Lil’ Super Nova!

Lil' Super Nova

First off, I work for an amazing company in general, but yes, there are many perks to working at a brewery. Additionally, there are perks to working at the same place for many years. One of those perks is every once in a while getting to pick the beer being made. Introducing, Lil’ Super Nova India Pale Ale.

Let’s back up a moment. Taylor and I had planned to brew a special beer for our wedding in August 2020, but with the on-going pandemic, brewing a special beer for our wedding day just didn’t seem like it would be in the cards. Instead, we took a beer we were already making, A.T.P. Low-Cal IPA, and labeled a few cases for our special day with our label.

Fast forward to 2021.

With the world opening back up and things getting back to normal a bit, we were able to mess around more in the brewery. So, after we found out that we were having a boy and we had picked out his name, I got to work designing a beer label and what the beer would be to present to Orono Brewing. They fell in love.

With the name, style, alcohol content and hops picked out, we just had to figure out a day to brew, package and release. The due date helped with that part of the puzzle. Nova Michael was set to see the world on June 6, 2021. Releasing the beer prior to his arrival was ideal. However, he decided he wanted to come early and was born May 18, 2021. With him home and healthy, the beer was packaged on May 27 and released to the general public.

A boy, only nine day old, has a beer named after him. Simply amazing. What a honor for Orono Brewing to allow this to happen. He will look back on this and tell all his friends on his 21st birthday how in 2021 there was a beer name after him. Hell, maybe I can convince Orono Brewing to brew it once more in 21 years to celebrate his birthday.

Lil’ Super Nova IPA’s description is as follows. “Our GM Justin and his partner are welcoming a baby boy into the world and we brewed this beer to celebrate the occasion! Lil’ Super Nova is brewed with a whole lot of love and Justin’s favorite hops: Australian Galaxy, Australian Ella and New Zealand Nelson Sauvin.” The beer comes in at 5.5% alcohol by volume.

His special brew is available across the State of Maine starting the week of May 31 in both cans and on draft.