Baby Soderberg

Hello all! It’s been a while. Life got crazy this fall and we are just now getting to this amazing news! Baby Soderberg is due first week of June 2021 and we couldn’t be more excited.

Of course, the conversation started back when we were planning our wedding on how soon we would want to add to our family. The discussion wasn’t about if we were going to try for a baby, it was more about when we would. Honestly, it was a quick discussion…why wait!?

Taylor wakes up and heads off to work far earlier than myself. So, each time Taylor would check to see if she was pregnant it was before I was even awake. Then the time came, it was positive. Taylor came back into the bedroom to tell me and I thought she was messing around. Nope, we are pregnant. After a quick trip to the doctor’s office to verify, then scheduling appointments and so on began.

Like most couples, we wanted to wait to tell the general public after our first trimester was complete. However, we also believe in telling people ourselves and not having them find out due to certain things. Of course, the first person Taylor told was her Mom and Step-Dad. Next up, are best friends Mike and Karen, Addie and Casey, along with Aaron and Nate.

Telling our best friends was just something we wanted to do before everyone else, plus this is a group of people that we like to have an adult beverage with now and again. This means Taylor would not be partaking and it would become obvious. They were all sworn to secrecy.

Let’s back up a bit. When we knew we were going to try for a child, I thought in my head…how am I going to break the news to my parents. So, I planned ahead. My Dad’s birthday is October 2 and thought it would be an outstanding gift for him. I texted my Mom and asked if we could come surprise my Dad for his birthday, don’t tell him we are coming (this was back when cases of COVID were looking not so bad…).

The day came, we arrived in Connecticut. My Dad was utterly surprised when he came home and we were sitting at the table! He had no idea how surprised he would actually be. After talking and dinner, we wanted to share our birthday presents with him. He opened the “other gifts” first and we ended with a baby onesie “The Best Parents Get Promoted to Grandparents.” He cried, as well as my Mom and Brother. I was thrilled.

All has been well so far in the pregnancy. Taylor is feeling as good as she can and things are looking good. We have had a few peaks at the baby via sonogram and now await the gender.

Our tiny family is growing to three and we are super thrilled to raise this child together. We are already prepping the room for Baby Soderberg and cannot wait for June 2021.

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