Welcome to the world, Nova Michael!

Nova Michael

“Uhhhhh, Justin….I think my water broke.” Thats how our Tuesday, May 18th morning started and not 13 hours later at 7:52pm, Nova Michael Soderberg was born. A whole 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 20.3 inches long.

Of course, we prepared our go-bags and had the car seat installed already, but we were nothing but unprepared for Tuesday morning. I ran around making sure the last minute things for work got done, got the bags in the car, took a shower and just got prepared to leave and not return for days.

Taylor, she was leveled headed and called her doctor. However, that’s when the contractions started and it was not a fun moment. She ate some food, knowing that she wouldn’t get to eat again till after Nova was born, and showered.

Off to the hospital

We bought our 2021 Kia Sportage in March with the idea it’ll work better for our new family. It definitely did. The smooth ride and space was good for the trek from Orrington to Eastern Maine Medical Center.

I pulled up front and jumped out, helping Taylor inside to get a wheelchair. They check her temp, and brought her to registration while I parked the car in the garage. On my way back to the main entrance, I passed my friend Brandon Kenny…”Go get ’em dude!,” he said. I raced back inside to registration where we started the process.

Is he really coming today?

After getting Taylor settled into the room, the nurses, doctors and everyone else got her set to find out if this was really happening. Yes, it was really happening. Taylor quickly progressed from “Oh my water broke” to “PUSH!” We arrived around 8:30am and she was pushing by 3:00pm.

Taylor was so strong for over three hours of pushing and trying he best to get Nova to come see the world, but he just wasn’t cooperating. After a quick conversation, our team of Doctors and us, we knew it had to move to a c-section.

It was rough for Taylor, of course, it’s was a lot of pain and work to get where she was, only to have to go another route. It was also difficult for me to see her in such pain and stress.

It’s finally time to meet Nova Michael

The preparation and setup for the surgery felt like HOURS, but time was just moving different. For us husbands, they make you sit outside the room until the final moments on a yellow chair, alone. Finally, the told me to come in and sit next to Taylor’s head. I held her hand until we heard Nova’s first cry. It was beautiful.

Following a quick wipe down and such, I was able to hold him for the very first time. What an experience. I never knew what the feeling would be like and it’s something I will remember forever.

Taylor was able to hold Nova following the finishing of her surgery. She held him on the way to our room. I guess the best thing to have after a major surgery is the bright shining face of your newborn child.

How is Nova? How is Taylor? How are you?

First off, Taylor is doing great. She is the most strong and fierce woman I know. I have never been more proud of someone in my life. Her pain is manageable and is such a trooper.

As for me, I have been stressed this whole time, so migraines along with that for me. Tired. Otherwise, I am doing well.

Most importantly, Nova Michael is happy. He spent the night with us in our recovery room, we took turns hold him and feeding him. However, in the morning he was transferred to NICU, as a precaution, due to his jaundice. Along with that, Nova likely has the same blood disorder as Taylor and was requiring some monitoring and testing. Being in the NICU allows for it to be easier, should he need a blood transfusion. However, he is doing amazing, he is strong and is a trooper.

I am sitting here in our room waiting to hear more about him, but things are looking good. When we fed him at 12:30pm, the Doctor stated things are looking good and we might get him back in our room sooner than later. Either way, he is our boy and he is perfect.

When are you going home?

We will update anyone who wants to know, but please be patient. This is new to Taylor and me. We are hoping by the weekend, but will lean on the medical staff here to let us know when it is time.

Thank you.

Thanks to the following… Dr. Ruffo, Dr. Baxter, Dr. Rivers, Nurse Ashley, Nurse Danielle, Nurse Roberta, Nurse Bill, and all the others at EMMC. To our family in the area for being willing to bring us stuff. To our family from away for keeping touch via text, phone and video chat. To our amazing friends, co-workers and bosses for the support. To DoorDash for getting us food from NOT the hospital. To Nova Michael for being so badass.