Photo by Justin Soderberg

Let’s be honest. This whole “Married Into This” thing started with my love for Marvel and Taylor being thrusted into it. Sorry for the long-winded post.


I guess I’ll start at the beginning.

When I was younger, I had difficulty reading. In school, I was put into special reading classes. The only thing I could regularly read well were comics. I believe it was the length of the story and the ease of the wording used.

I connected with Marvel Comics. Stan Lee made the characters in the story personal. He made them feel like they could actually exist in my real world. If I traveled to New York City, in my mind, I would be able to run into Spider-Man.

Weekly trips to the comic book store are forever in my life. Additionally, the addition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe helped in a big way with bringing these characters to life on the big screen.

Now I see all new MCU movies in the theater opening weekend. I re-watch them on the regular and speculate what is next. I visit Top Shelf Comics in Bangor, Maine every week to grab my pull list and reading comics has become a nightly ritual.

This is something Taylor had to get used to.


When I first visited Justin’s apartment, Marvel was present, but not overwhelming. Tastefully decorated with splashes of comics, but nothing that would scare me away. However, he definitely showed he had a love for Marvel Comics.

Fast forward to today. I am sitting in our den writing this. A room decorated with Marvel on every wall, every shelf, even the lamp and I completely embrace his passion. We needed a “theater room” and the best way to do that was to show off his Marvel collection and passion.

The comic book side is something that I mostly shy away from, not because I don’t like it, but it’s just not my passion. That’s his, and that’s okay. The movies on the other hand, I LOVE (mostly).

Now I can’t wait for the next film to be released. I get excited with new trailers and news. MCU has now become a serious passion of mine as well and it is something we can share together.


We spent the last month re-watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe in chronological order, together. It was something we both looked forward to each time we pressed play. This was helped by the “Friends From Work” podcast where we listen to the accompanying podcast for each film.

This allowed us to discuss our theories, easter eggs, critiques, and hopes for the future. We will be releasing our rankings of MCU movies in the near future. Keep an eye out!

Embracing each others passions does not always mean “giving in” or “being okay with it.” It means opening up, trying new things and seeing if you might like them. Taylor loves the movies, doesn’t want to read the comic books. Thats okay, I can have that something I own and we can share the movies.