Top-5 Podcasts

I was never really an audiobook or podcast person until the past few years. Music was always my go-to when getting into the car for a simple ride to the store or my commute to work. However, over the past few years I have been more likely to pop on a podcast then I am to put on music. I now have a top-5 podcasts that I continually go back to.

Originally, I was super into the Nerdist Podcast and they are still an honorable mention on my list of top podcasts to listen to. Chris Hardwick is outstanding at talking pop culture with his guests, but now I lean towards the top-5 podcasts below.

It makes sense that the first two of my top-5 podcasts are Marvel and basketball.


Top-5 Podcasts | Friends from Work PodcastAn unofficial Marvel podcast hosted by longtime friends Kyle Schonewill and Robby Earle. The podcast was started to discuss and re-watch the Marvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga movies of Phase I, II and III. Taylor and I watched and listened along.

Website:   |   Listen:  Spotify


Top-5 Podcasts | No Dunks PodcastThis is a daily NBA podcast hosted by Skeets, Tas, Trey, Leigh, and JD. They break down the league’s biggest games and headlines, answer listeners’ questions, interview guests, and more. No Dunks is where I get most of my NBA knowledge and information.

Website:   |   Listen: Spotify


Joe RoganWeekly podcast hosted by comedian, actor, sports commentator, martial artist, and television host, Joe Rogan, launched on December 24, 2009. Rogan has had the likes of Elon Musk, Mike Tyson, Killer Mike (half of Run the Jewels), and Neil DeGrasse Tyson, amongst others.

Website:  |   Listen: Apple


Top-5 Podcasts | The Fighter and The KidComedy podcast that focuses on coverage of mixed martial arts. It is hosted by Brendan Schaub, a former mixed martial artist turned stand up comedian, and Bryan Callen, a comedian and actor. This is an off-the-wall podcast. Not for all ears.

Website:   |   Listen: Spotify


Top-5 Podcasts | Fatman BeyondWhat started as a Batman podcast has quickly become about all pop culture. Hosted by comedian, actor and director, Kevin Smith, and TV and comic writer, Marc Bernardin. The two passionately talk geek culture and entertainment.

Website:   |   Listen: Apple


Graining InA weekly podcast where Noah Bissell (Bissell Brothers Owner and Head Brewer) and Matt Robinson (Bissell Three Rivers General Manager) sit down with and without guests to discuss eclectic topics *usually* relevant to the world of beer.

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