Headed Upta Camp

Most people across the United States have never heard the phrase “headed upta camp,” unless you live in or are from Maine. It is kind of a Maine tradition.

I grew up in Maine, both Southern Maine and Northern Maine. The phrase was well known to me, but it did not connect with my family, as my parents grew up outside the state and never had a camp. Our friends had camps, but not us. When I started dating Taylor, this change.

Taylor’s family has had a camp in Parkman, Maine for many years. It is one of, if not her favorite places on the planet. So, it was inevitably a place she took me in only our first couple times hanging out.

The Bemis Family Camp.

Nestled in the woods of Parkman, Maine, located just west of Dover-Foxcroft and south of Abbot and Guilford, is the family camp. Situated up from the the shores of Harlow Pond is the main building. Next to it sits a bunk house and storage shed for all the accessories for outdoor activities.

Far enough away from the city, but close enough to head out and back on the same day. However, we are more likely to spend the night. The camp easily sleeps 10-plus, so it leaves room for the entire extended family to join in on the fun.

Kayaking, swimming, fishing, cornhole, and time around the fire are likely to happen while upta camp. However, you most likely you’ll catch us on the side-by-side or four-wheelers. Taking a drive on the side-by-side with the wind in your hair and seeing what Maine has to share is simply wonderful.

I fell in love with the family camp so much, and knew how much it meant to Taylor, I even proposed to her there. We headed out for a walk along the power lines and dropped down to one knee to pop-the-question. Of course, you all know by now that she said yes!

Headed upta camp might have been somewhat foreign to my vocabulary growing up in Maine. However, it surely has been added over the past few years. I hope to continue to join in on the fun at The Bemis Family Camp for a very long time.