Our Honeymoon Roadtrip Takes A Detour

Honeymoon Detour

In comparison to the craziness going on in the world recently, our honeymoon is definitely insignificant to most. However, when it comes to our wedding and honeymoon planning, COVID-19 strikes again.

We had to make the difficult and sad decision to postponed the Arizona roadtrip until January 2021. This week, Arizona has seen a surge in COVID-19 cases and things are not looking up. We feel the risk is not worth the reward when flying and visiting Arizona for our honeymoon.

Instead, we are taking the week originally planned for our honeymoon and will stay in our beautiful State of Maine. We will stay in a condo in Carrabassett Valley. The plan is to relax, hike and enjoy the great outdoors. In our minds this will be our honeymoon, but so will January’s roadtrip.

Let’s consider our honeymoon as two weeks, separated by a few months and a few thousand miles. Now we can “roadtrip” in Maine, go back to work for a few months, and roadtrip in Arizona. Sounds good to us.

Our flights can only be changed, not refunded, so it made it easier to choose to postponed the trip and not cancel it all together. However, we never even debated cancelling the trip. Let’s be honest.

These choices, decisions and requirements we have been forced to deal with will make our story of our wedding that much more enjoyable to tell in the future. Things our parents didn’t have to consider or deal with when they got married.

Our August trip to Western Maine will still be special, same with our roadtrip to Arizona in January. We continue to look at the silver linings in all of this, including being able to move forward with our wedding day and now two honeymoons.

Taylor and I cannot wait for August 8. We will get to spend time with our friends and family on our Wedding Day, something others weren’t so lucky to be able to do over the past few months. We will count our blessings and keep our heads up.

Thank you to those who have read about our crazy planning and decisions. We are grateful to have you all in our lives.

Look for an update over the next month or two about what our Carrabassett Valley honeymoon will look like!